Korean Association of Translation Studies (KATS)



Special issue of The Journal of Translation Studies

“Systemic Functional Linguistics and Translation Studies”


Guest editor: Dr Mira Kim (University of New South Wales)


The Korean Association of Translation Studies (KATS) invites scholars from around the world to submit their papers to the special issue of the international edition of The Journal of Translation Studies (a peer-reviewed journal enlisted in the Korea Citation Index). This special issue is particularly interested in translation and interpreting studies that use Systemic Functional Linguistics (SFL) as a theoretical basis.


SFL has served as a theoretical framework in translation studies since its early stage of development (e.g. Catford 1965, House 1977/1997, Hatim and Mason 1990). It has been adopted as a solid theoretical basis in an increasing number of translation studies since the 1990s when translation scholars started to draw on developments in discourse analysis studies (e.g. Steiner 2004, Munday 2012). This is not a surprising phenomenon to witness, given that SFL views language primarily as a meaning-making potential and that translation is essentially a process of making choices among potential meaning-making resources.


Papers can be either theoretical or empirical, as long as they explore any questions about translation and/or interpreting using SFL as the primary theoretical framework or one of the theoretical frameworks and they are well documented, methodologically sound and add an original contribution to existing knowledge and thought on the topic. This special issue accepts articles in English only.


Deadline for article submission: June 30, 2016

Notification of provisional acceptance: September 1 (Thu), 2016

Deadline for revised article submission: September 30 (Fri), 2016

Publication: October 15 (Sat), 2016


투고방법: 국내 연구자의 경우, 한국번역학회 온라인 투고 시스템인 JAMS에 직접 투고(추후 학회에서 안내 예정) * KCI와 관련 없는 해외 연구자는 부편집위원장에게 이메일로 발송 가능 

문의: sblee0110@naver.com (부편집위원장: 한국외대 이상빈)



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