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FIT XXII World Congress 세계번역가연맹 총회 Call For Papers
2016-07-14 20:52:14

FIT (Federation Internationale des Traducteurs / International Federation of Translators)



FIT World Congress, Brisbane Australia, August 2017

AUSIT, the Australian Institute for Interpreters and Translators is proud host  the flagship event, FIT XXI World Congress, to be held from 3-5 August 2017, in Brisbane, Australia.

These days everyone of us holds smart phones full of disruptive technology in the palm of our hands, so it seemed only fitting that the Theme of the Congress should reflect the preoccupations of our times.

The Theme of the 2017 FIT World Congress is


“Disruption and Diversification”

Exponentially increasing changes in ways to work, connect, and collaborate, and in wider global business paradigms, are having a direct impact on the translation and interpreting profession.

Globally, we find ourselves poised at the beginning of the fourth industrial revolution, the Digital Revolution, which heralds breakthroughs in Artificial Intelligence, Digital communication, nanotechnology, and biotechnology, to name a few.  It also heralds Data mining, Commoditisation of Digital Data, and increasing Data Capture.  However this is just the tip of the Big-Data-iceberg.

Change is happening so fast, who knows where we will be at the time of the next World Congress.  Embracing change is always better than ignoring it.

The congress aims to explore, probe, debate, find some perspective and raise a few broad questions about the current machine revolution, the effect of disruptive technologies on the profession, drilling down to find what kind of translator can thrive in the unfolding digital future.

What kind of diversification is needed to remain relevant in Translation, Terminology and Interpreting given the challenges and opportunities of the Digital Revolution?  Perhaps Diversification is not our only tool and adaption is just as useful.


The Call for Papers is open.


Details are on the website  (http://www.fit2017.org/call-for-papers/)

Here are just a few of the diverse and relevant topics we hope to fit into the program:


Panel discussions and presentations on

  • Machine Translation, Media, Artificial Intelligence,
  • ways in which ‘disruption’ might change the course of our future
  • diversification strategies in response.

Language of conflict and trauma.


In Berlin in August 2014, FIT adopted the resolution in support of our colleagues working in conflict zones, a joint initiative with Red-T and AIIC.


Literary Translation in the post-modern world


If the recent changes to the Man Booker prize, sharing the prize between the author and translator, weren’t enough to remind us of the importance of literary translators, we may have some presentations to convince you.


Sign Language Interpreting


AUSIT is pleased to partner with ASLIA, the Australian Sign Language Interpreters Association. Paper Abstracts for this stream can be submitted as mp4 videos, in AUSLAN or International Sign language.

Practitioner Tools? trauma counselling, debriefing, freelancing practice.
Giving practitioners greater skills and tools to progress within the profession.


Social Media Translation and Localisation


Games are the frontier of translation in the new, all digital world. Localisation of games throws up all sorts of complexity for creative translation, localisation and cultural adaption.


Language Politics, Human Migration and TTIs ? Community and Public Service Interpreting


Given the current conditions for refugees, it is timely that Australia’s vast experience in community interpreting and translation for new migrants will be showcased.


Endangered Languages and Languages of Emerging and Indigenous Communities


Sign up on the website fit2017.org, for the latest information on the next FIT World Congress.  Follow us on Twitter @FITCongress2017. Join in the discussions and don’t miss out on updates and more. 


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