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[신간안내, BTL] Key Cultural Texts in Translation
2018-05-31 09:37:09


계명대 최진실 교수님께서 참가하신 국제저명편저가 출간되어 안내해드립니다. 아래 목차에서 Chapter 12를 확인해 주시길 바랍니다.


Key Cultural Texts in Translation

 | The University of Leicester
 | Paul Valry University - Montpellier 3
 | The University of Leicester



In the context of increased movement across borders, this book examines how key cultural texts and concepts are transferred between nations and languages as well as across different media. The texts examined in this book are considered fundamental to their source culture and can also take on a particular relevance to other (target) cultures. The chapters investigate cultural transfers and differences realised through translation and reflect critically upon the implications of these with regard to matters of cultural identity. The book offers an important contribution to cultural approaches in translation studies, with ramifications across different disciplines, including literary studies, history, philosophy, and gender studies. The chapters offer a range of cultural and methodological frameworks and are written by scholars from a variety of language and cultural backgrounds, Western and Eastern. 



Part I. Gender and identity
Chapter 1. Genos, sex, gender and genre
Stella Sandford
Chapter 2. Dancing through the waves of feminism: Martha Graham and Marie Chouinard as intersemiotic translators
Ourania Tsiakalou
Part II. Texts and politics
Chapter 3. Bartolom? de Las Casas’ Breve Relaci?n de la Destrucci?n de Las Indias (Brief Account of the Destruction of the Indies) (1552) in translation: The politics of linguistic and cultural appropriation
Helen Rawlings
Chapter 4. Have English translations of Wagner’s Ring of the Nibelung, an icon of German culture, been affected by the changing relationship between Germany and Britain in the twentieth century?
Karen Wilson-de Roze
Chapter 5. Communicating change: Two contemporary Polish novels in translation into English
Marta Crickmar
Part III. Texts and places
Chapter 6. Lithuanian literature in English: Two English translations of Romualdas Granauskas’s short story “The Bread Eaters” (1975)
Jurgita Vai?enonien?
Chapter 7. Woest of wild: Translating Yorkshire culture in Emily Bront?’s Wuthering Heights
Myrte Wouterse and Samantha Genegel
Chapter 8. Polish dance in Eugene Onegin: What can be found in translation
Anna Ponomareva
Part IV. Occident and Orient
Chapter 9. The image of H.?C. Andersen’s tales in China (1909?1925): A case study of a set of Key Cultural Texts in translation
Wenjie Li
Chapter 10. The cultural transformation of classical Chinese poetry in translation into English
Kelly Kar Yue Chan
Chapter 11. The immigration of key cultural icons: A case study of church name translation in Macao
Hanting Pan
Chapter 12. Reproduction and reception of the concepts of Confucianism, Buddhism and polygamy: Kuunmong in translation
Jinsil Choi
Part V. Translating philosophy
Chapter 13. Hegel’s Phenomenology: A comparative analysis of translatorial hexis
David Charlston
Chapter 14. Adorno refracted: German critical theory in the neoliberal world order
Stefan Baumgarten
Part VI. Text types
Chapter 15. Construction of a cultural narrative through translation: Texts on Sibelius and his works as Key Cultural Texts
Turo Rautaoja
Chapter 16. Cultural satirical features in translation: The Pessoptimist as a case study
Muhammad J.H. Abdullatief
Chapter 17. Alterity, orality and performance in Bible translation*
Jacobus A. Naud? and Cynthia L. Miller-Naud?




다음글 : [신간안내] Business and Institutional Translation
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